Samsung to include eyeball scanner in the S5?

Patents have been discovered that may confirm the rumours that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will feature an eyeball scanner.

Samsung’s patent includes diagrams that show what appear to be plans for an iris-scanning unit, and also a proximity sensor.

In theory, the proximity sensor could activate the iris scanner when the phone is held up to the user’s eye.

It is thought that Samsung might be using this feature to get ahead of its rival in the mobile phone business, Apple.

Apple’s new phones will include fingerprint sensors, so Samsung’s eyeball scanner would go one step further to ensure that customers’ phones are secure.

However, it is thought that the Galaxy S5 could be released as early as January 2014. As such, there are doubts that the technology will be available in time.

Of course, if the iris scanner could give Samsung a large enough advantage then it may delay the launch of the S5 in order to integrate the technology.

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