Samsung to switch casing for a premium future?

Samsung's newer range of flagship phones down the line could be packing an even more premium feel than we have experienced in the past, as the Korean giant looks set to improve the build quality of its smartphones, according to new leaks.

The company's devices, such as the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy S5, have traditionally been housed in plastic cases, and while the phone itself has been a hit worldwide, the firm has often been criticised for its failure to provide premium materials in the external build of the phone.

TechRadar has cited “sources close to Samsung” as stating that the company is currently working on testing a newer version of the recently released Samsung Galaxy S5 flagship, which has a metal chassis rather than the plastic the current handset ships with.

The rumours come in the same week that leaks from Digitimes appeared to claim that rival HTC is moving in the other direction.

According to insiders, the Taiwanese company is looking to bring out a pared down version of its flagship HTC One M8 device this year that has a plastic covering as opposed to the aluminium normally used in its handsets. 

And while experts have said that HTC's move appears to be an economical one, to try to bring down the cost of building as well as offering a phone that could be competitive lower down the price range – perhaps a rival for the iPhone 5C – Samsung's reasons are rumored to be the opposite.

The shift to the metal chassis with a Samsung Galaxy S5 would allow Samsung the chance to challenge HTC's command of the top of the market for super premium phones. 

Could this be a shrewd move from the Korean giant? While other companies are now making moves to target positions lower down the ladder, they could collectively be leaving the door open for Samsung to move itself into an even stronger position at the highest price points.

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