Samsung wants 4K smartphones in 2015

Samsung has announced that it wants to bring 4K screen technology to its mobile phones during 2015.

It was revealed at Samsung's Analyst Day, where the company said that it would bring screens capable of incredible 3840 x 2160, 4K resolution, with hopes of delivering a 2K screen next year (2014).

Samsung is said to be producing a 5.2-inch 560ppi 2K AMOLED panel, which would give its handsets improved clarity. With plans for this to arrive during next year (2014), the panel could be produced in time to be integrated into the Samsung Galaxy S5.

The company has already announced that it also intends to bring foldable displays to its smartphones in 2015. It means that Samsung could really be investing in innovation over the next couple of years.

Samsung is also thought to be developing its own 64-bit core so it can get rid of the ARM chips it has used in its previous devices, despite saying that such technology was unnecessary when rival Apple included a 64-bit chip in its handset.

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