Samsung-Windows handset approaching?

It is well known that Samsung has a number of mobile phones in production, however a new leaks suggests that one could be the long-awaited Windows Phone handset.

According to serial tipster @evleaks, US carrier Verizon could be taking on a Samsung Windows Phone. The tweeter also leaked that the device is currently known by the codename “Huron”, which is probably preferable to its current Samsung SM-W750V moniker. He also claims that the “Huron” smartphone “looks very similar to a late model Galaxy S”.

The Samsung-Windows Phone handset first emerged online in December 2013 on an 
Indian website, but other reports have since suggested that the Samsung Huron will be a five-inch device aimed at the top end of the market.

In the past, Samsung has focused its high-end devices on Google's Android operating system, while Nokia has always favoured Microsoft's Windows Phone software. With reports that Nokia could release a Android handset shortly, the two could be put directly into competition with each other.

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