Self-retweeting among the latest Twitter updates

Twitter has introduced a new feature that makes it possible for users to retweet their old tweets afresh. 

This was originally announced last month and the feature is now live – although it is only possible for people to retweet themselves once. 

If you feel a reflection or a witty remark went unnoticed, it can be given a second chance – although it might be time to give up if it does not gain any more attention the second time round. 

A raft of changes have been announced by the social network, all of which are intended to allow users to communicate more within the confines of the traditional 140-character limit. 

This limit was originally implemented so users could send updates via SMS text message – and it can feel like this has fast become a relic of a bygone age. 

However, speculation that the cap could be lifted was met with enough of a backlash for the plans to be shelved for now. 

The humble tweet has evolved to incorporate photos, videos, hashtags, Vines and more over the course of the past decade. 

More recent changes include the opportunity to poll your followers, react quickly with gifs and to share Periscope broadcasts in tweets.

Other changes in the pipeline include the removal of '@names' as characters that count toward the 140-character limit when replying to messages. 

It is hoped this will make having conversations on Twitter easier and more straightforward – particularly when a conversation thread goes out to several people. 

Further changes to the '@' character mean tweets that start with a username will still reach all followers. This effectively puts the '.@' convention to rest, where a full stop is commonly used ahead of the '@' symbol to broadcast conversational tweets more widely. 

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