People who travel a lot and would like to keep their family and friends informed of where they are may like to sell their mobile phone for money and invest in a new Google-enabled device.

That is because a significant updated version of Google Latitude has been announced by Joe LaPenna, software engineer for the app and author of the latest Google Mobile blog.

The app allows mobile users to alert others of where they are on an interactive map – something ten million people each month already do.

However, it has now added the ability to provide some context to the situation, with Mr LaPenna giving the example that instead of now revealing to his contacts he is in Taipei, he is able to state that he is drinking coffee in a particular cafe.

The tool can even be set up to send instant notifications to remind people to update their location when they arrive in a new town or country.

Google is behind the popular Android operating system, which was this week revealed to be the most popular in the world by Canalys.

Posted by Simon Thomas

Written by Mazuma

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