Sell my phone: Melbourne underground could go mobile

Melbourne's Underground Rail Loop could soon boast mobile phone coverage – if public demands are heeded, that is.

According to new research from the Tourism and Transport Forum (TTF), improving communications coverage on the network would make commuters' lives easier by boosting the travel experience.

Commuters in Sydney will be able to use their mobile phones on the city's underground network as soon as June this year, whereas the introduction of mobile reception on Melbourne's underground network is still in the discussion phase.

According to the TTF's Bringing Public Transport into the Information Age: improving customer service through innovation, real-time public transport information is becoming an expectation for modern commuters, so widespread coverage on transport operators networks is essential.

“Real-time information overcomes [commuters'] concerns by empowering customers with a greater sense of control over their journey and dramatically enhancing their time management,” it stated.

It seems that people also want to use their mobile handsets to pay for tickets too – making near field communication a game changer for the transport industry.

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