Sony may enter phablet market with Xperia Odin

Apparent leaks are hinting that Sony will release a phablet device called the Xperia Odin in 2013.

Phablets incorporate the functions of a smartphone with the larger size of a tablet, attracting those who like to play games and watch movies or television shows on their mobile.

A five-inch screen is expected to feature on the Odin, making it slightly smaller than its future rival, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

A quad-core processor and 2 GB of RAM should ensure that users benefit from fast and smooth performance which is vital for those looking to watch high-definition videos.

Previous leaks suggest that the gadget will be powered by the Android Jelly Bean operating system – Google's latest platform.

It may also have 4G connectivity, meaning Aussies on certain telecommunications networks can take advantage of new, high-speed internet access.

The Odin could have a future competitor in the HTC DLX; leaks indicate this will also be a five-inch device sporting Jelly Bean software.

Posted by Samantha Green

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