Sony to bring out new flagship phone

Sony seems to have struggled to attract press attention for its smartphone releases, despite creating some good models. However, it has grabbed many people's attention with its new announcement, promising a new flagship phone designed around entertainment, with some incredible features.

The Sony Xperia XZ2 was announced at Barcelona's Mobile World Congress – probably the biggest trade show in the smartphone industry – with the Japanese tech giant promising the handset will “captivate your senses”. The phone is being marketed by Sony as an “entertainment device”, and it's easy to see why.

First of all, there's the screen. The Full HD+ 5.7-inch display utilises High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology, which is the next big thing in the industry. Essentially, while high-definition screens display more pixels, HDR makes each of those pixels capable of emitting more colours and a larger range of contrast.

This means the images and video on the XZ2 will look more like real life. While most things have to be recorded in HDR to get the full effect, the smartphone comes with modified tech from Sony's TVs that converts existing content into near-HDR, so you'll be able to notice the difference with everything you watch on your phone.

Sony has also outfitted the XZ2 with some high-quality speakers, as well as a Dynamic Vibration System that “lets you feel the action in your hands” by vibrating the phone to match the sounds coming from it. This means you'll really feel the rumble of an explosion in a videogame, for example.

To match this incredible audio-visual setup is a top-of-the-range camera. The XZ2 will be able to record video in full 4K HDR, and will be the world's first smartphone to do so. It also films in 960fps super-slow motion.

The camera is backed up by a range of software, including Sony's Predictive Capture, which automatically takes a photo when it sees a smile or some motion. This makes sure you don't miss the perfect picture because you were a little slow to press the button.

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