Sony Xperia Z1 could be Honami’s new title

A lot of rumours have been surrounding the arrival of Sony's next flagship mobile phone, however, the latest leak suggests that the upcoming device will be named the Xperia Z1.

The most recent information had indicated that the next Sony smartphone would be called the Xperia i1 or Honami, but these seem to have been replaced. 

The three colours of device are placed in front of a horse, woman and a big flower, though the significance in relation to the smartphone is still unknown.

Although the image could easily be faked, the name has been echoed from a number of sources around the internet, appearing on Twitter and the XDA Developers forum. 

Sony has yet to confirm what its next flagship will be titled but you can expect to hear more at the company pre-IFA event in Berlin on September 4th.

Posted by Clare Marshall

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