Spotify’s iOS app gets speed update

Since the inception of Spotify it has been a huge success and one of the greatest aspects of the service is the ability of people being able to listen to their playlists on mobile phones with an internet connection.

The Spotify app is currently available on the three largest mobile platforms of iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

People had previously only been able to choose between two streaming qualities (96kbps and 160kbps) of high and low. But now people will be able to have music streamed on their mobile phones at speeds of 320kbps, which is the quality seen on desktops.

The 320kbps speed option will be under the name of extreme and people will be impressed by the quality of the music when changing over to this speed.

An app that was recently launched into the Australian populous is the application that detects how much radiation mobile phones use, as well as suggesting ways to lower such levels.

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