Strong adoption for iPhone SE in developed markets

Uptake of the iPhone SE appears to be stronger than initially expected, according to the findings of a new report from Localyics. 

In terms of worldwide adoption, the UK, Hong Kong, France and Canada top the charts with one per cent adoption of the handset within the first three weeks of its release. This was closely followed by Germany with 0.5 per cent, the US and New Zealand with 0.4 per cent each and 0.3 per cent adoption in both Singapore and Australia. 

The device is established as being very popular in the US – but what is perhaps surprising about these statistics is that the smaller, cheaper iteration of Apple's flagship iPhone was intended for emerging markets like China and India. 

China is represented on the Localyics with 0.2 per cent adoption, but India is not ranked. It may not be a surprise that a new iPhone is a hit in developed markets, as the price of the handset in places like Australia is not as much of an issue for most customers, given that it is usually tied to a contract with a network carrier. 

Opting for an upgrade is comparatively straightforward for those who are already in a contract with a carrier. However, the adoption could have been driven by the low price of an unlocked handset. This is particularly likely to be the case among iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c customers, who may not have upgraded to an iPhone 6 if they preferred the smaller display of the older models. 

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