Individuals could seek to improve not only their phone but also their bank balance by trading-in a mobile and switching to a T-Mobile Zest E110 model.

That is because, in the opinion of Damian McFerran, writing for CNET UK, the device is available to consumers at what he calls a “stupidly low price”.

While he admits the handset is not the most hi-tech on the market of even the owner of the most sophisticated design, it is perfect for “undemanding” owners.

Among its advantages are a very good build quality and large keys, making it easy to tap out text messages.

Mr McFerran notes the phone includes “expandable memory, a flashlight, a 3.5mm output and a VGA camera,” concluding: “Add to this a rugged construction and straightforward interface and you've got a budget blower that's perfect for casual users.”

Late in 2010, T-Mobile signed a merger deal with Orange and formed the network company Everything Everywhere.

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