Take-up of mobile phones ‘means numbers are running out’

The desire of people to snap up new mobile phones on a frequent basis – possibly after trading in old devices – may be behind a shortage of available numbers in the country.

It is believed that Australia could run out of unique codes starting with 04 by 2017, unless various operators team up to identify spare digits.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority, in its latest Telecommunications Number Plan, said the existing range of numbers will not be enough to satisfy demand in the long term.

“If there is any suggestion that we are running short of mobile numbers, then we will specify more numbers,” it added.

The rise of mobile phones could be behind the shortage and, with the technology boom set to continue, the ACMA will meet next year to decide the way forward.

More new mobiles could be in demand in 2012 as a recent study by Macquarie University showed many people are not content with their existing service and 46 per cent will move to another operator during the year.

Posted by Claire Marshall

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