Tech firms dominate brand health list

Technology companies are among the most highly rated brands in the world, a new study has revealed.

In YouGov's first ever brand health index, Google, YouTube and Facebook bagged the top three positions.

They were closely followed by consumer electronics manufacturer Samsung, the company behind the Galaxy smartphone range and other hugely popular devices.

Messaging app WhatsApp made it to fifth, while the Apple iPhone secured sixth place in the list, followed by Toyota, Adidas and Colgate.

The index scores were based on people's assessments of various criteria, from value and quality to a firm's reputation and their willingness to recommend a brand to others.

So what does the fact that tech brands are doing so well say about people's tastes?

Well, YouGov notes that Google, YouTube and Facebook are “open and accessible in most places on Earth to anyone with online access”.

Meanwhile, it believes the presence of Samsung and the Apple iPhone is “a sign that our mobile devices have become the remote controls for our lives”.

“All of the brands in the ranking are mainstream with broad utility at their core,” YouGov said.

“This is as true of the likes of Toyota and Colgate as it is for WhatsApp and Samsung.”

Interestingly, though, the figures for Australia specifically don't tend to reflect the global trend.
Five of the top ten brands are retailers, with Bunnings, Coles, Kmart, JB Hifi and Woolworths all scoring highly.

Sej Patel, head of YouGov in Australia and New Zealand, believes it is “significant” that homegrown brands are very well represented in the list.

However, he said the majority of movers in the rankings are multinationals.

“With more global brands indicating an interest on the Australian market with the likes of Amazon, 'local' brands will need to work hard to maintain their status amongst Australian consumers,” he added.

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