The best smartphone gifts to give this Christmas

With Christmas soon upon us, there are going to many who are having that familiar panic of what gifts should you buy for your loved ones.

Looking towards a fun smartphone -related gift is a sure winner if you are having difficulty in trying to be creative when it comes to your Christmas shopping.

With this in mind, here are a few fun gifts that we reckon will bring a massive smile to people’s friends this year.

Selfie stick

The selfie stick has become something of a phenomenon recently. In fact, it has made its way on to Time magazine’s list of 25 best inventions 2014 – we just can’t believe it’s not been thought of before!

For those who really do love to take a good selfie and want to get a bit more of their surroundings in, or those who tend to travel alone, it is the perfect gift. It’s also a fab way to take a group shot without having to risk asking a stranger to take it for you.

Instant printer

An instant printer is the perfect gift for anyone who uses their phone’s camera and there are some really great ones out there. the INSTAX Instant Smartphone Printer from Fujifilm is a particularly good one to get as you can preview the image and use various templates on it before you send to print.

The images will come out looking something like a Polaroid picture, and it is compatible to use with iOS and Android devices.

Film Scanner

This one completely blew our minds when we first read about it, and it is definitely a present that your mum or dad would love. The Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner will let you upload 35mm film directly on to your smartphone, from which the images can be uploaded to Instagram and filtered before being shared.

Perfect for all your #TBT needs, it is available for Android devices and iPhones.


The gift of music really is a wonderful one, and a safe bet if you are unsure whether or not your friend would prefer to listen to Kanye West, Elton John or One Direction. They may love all of them, we aren’t suggesting either way, but we can guarantee that they would love a music gift voucher much more than an old album for an artist that they don’t like.  

An iTunes voucher, or even paying for a Spotify subscription are great ways of giving the gift of music.

If you would rather get your friend something a bit more substantial, a speaker dock will go down really well and you can expect a really great gift in return next year!

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