The future of smartphones ‘is in embedded technology’

Martin Cooper, who is generally credited with being the founding father of mobile phones, has been discussing the future of mobile communications, speculating that the future will see humans embed such technology directly in their ears.

He believes that even today, where smartphones are more powerful than ever, we are still in in the early days – there is so much more to come, namely futuristic ideas actually coming to light.

The 86-year-old inventor and engineer told the online news provider Motherboard that he sees the development of this device as being as important as the invention of the wheel – that so much has already been achieved is amazing because of what lies ahead.

“We are only now learning the kinds of power we can build into a cell phone and it will take a couple of generations before we can fulfill the real promise of what a cell phone is,” he said.

“All cell phones today are suboptimal … think about how unnatural it is to want to talk to somebody and hold this flat material up to your head. It doesn’t make any sense at all. But in order to capture everything we’re trying to do we end up with this form. I envision a future in which you will be able to talk and think through a computer [embedded in you].”

This, Mr Cooper said, will be the truly optimum version of a mobile “voice telephone”. It is clear that the world as he sees it is will see wearable technology become more literal – it will be part of us.

In the captivating video interview, the expert explained that the idea for the first mobile phone emerged due to his dissatisfaction with the limitations of car-phones. He wanted to make it easier to call someone on the move and away from the car.

Finally, he talked about AI, saying that he thinks this will end the era of apps – a clever, self-learning and powerful machine will be able to do everything your extensive collection of apps currently does. It will streamline hundreds of apps into one, user-friendly interface.

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