The iPhone 5 will be immensely popular

Those thinking that the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S3 would see swathes of people joining the Android operating system could be mistaken.

To great fanfare, the Galaxy device was unveiled at an event last week and Samsung has high hopes it will be as popular as its predecessor – the Galaxy S2.

However, BBC News website business editor Tim Weber doubts whether the device will convince people to leave the Apple operating system to get their hands on the mobile phone.

Indeed, editor of Shapur Azizpour recently suggested that no matter how popular the Galaxy S3 is, all eyes will ultimately be on Apple for when it releases the iPhone 5.

Mr Weber wrote about the iPhone 5: “Provided Apple can raise (or make consumers believe to raise) its game, then Samsung Galaxy S3 and its gaggle of rivals will find it hard to prise consumers from the confines of the iTunes universe.”

Posted by Simon Thomas

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