Thousands of Britons may find they have to search for a new mobile phone after enjoying a Christmas break this year.

Research by Credant Technologies reveals 5,100 handsets have been lost during flights and handed in at 15 British airports so far this year.

But with four million individuals set to jet off over the festive season, this figure is likely to be just the tip of the iceberg.

As such, it may be important to have a mobile trade-in plan in place prior to a break, with some shrewd travellers perhaps choosing to sell their device before departure to avoid any unwanted loss.

And it is not only the value of the phone that people will suffer from missing out on, explains Sean Glynn, vice-president at the organisation.

“What is much more concerning are the copious volumes of sensitive data these devices contain – often unsecured and easily accessed,” he states.

One of the models that may interest those who need to buy a new mobile after Christmas is the Google Nexus S, which was announced in recent weeks and is set to be released shortly.

Posted by Samantha Green 

Written by Mazuma

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