Touchscreens may appeal to people who sell mobiles

Individuals who sell mobiles in order to upgrade to superior models may look towards devices that boast the latest touchscreen.

Michael Woolstrum, chief executive of Touch International, explained that there has been significant progress in displays over recent months and years.

Indeed, he described the advances made within the industry as “prolific”, with DisplaySearch estimating there will be a 90 per cent expansion this year.

And the sector is due to double again by 2016, with its entire worth likely to be $23.9 billion (£14.9 billion) at that time.

“We know that touch is going to continue to grow … primarily because users have come to expect touch in everything and touchscreens are a cost-effective tool for all applications because they are intuitive,” Mr Woolstrum stated.

Dan Grabham, deputy editor at, recently said that display screens on mobiles and other gadgets are at the “next level” and should be desired by consumers.

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