People who are currently considering trading-in their existing mobile phone for money with Mazuma may be pleased to learn of a potential replacement that has been met with approval from one reviewer.

Damien McFerran, writing a piece on the Motorola Moto WX295 for CNET UK, says the model is certainly an “impressive achievement” by the manufacturer when compared to rival budget phones.

“For the price, the WX295 is excellent value for money and the perfect phone for younger or less demanding mobile users,” he states.

With low costs all but assured, some individuals may see the device as an opportunity to make money from their mobile dealings after earning cash for their used phones.

Some of the WX295's features that were most appreciated by the author include its camera, Bluetooth connection and use of the Android operating system.

The same website last week told of the Motorola Droid T2, a “super phone” that is expected to be a hit in 2011.

Turn your old mobile phone into cash

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Written by Mazuma

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