British consumers may decide they would like to trade in a mobile phone now in order to join the Apple revolution, which moved forward again this week when the manufacturer launched its iPad 2.

According to eMarketer, total iPad sales in 2011 will hit 34 million, giving the firm a 78 per cent global market share in the tablet sector.

And it is not only Apple that could be in line for a highly successful period, as overall tablet purchases are set to more than double to 43.6 million.

The organisation's predictions for 2012 also make interesting reading, with the iPad's figures set to rocket to 56.1 million and the tablet market to 81.3 million.

Some people may consider the benefits on offer from a tablet worthy of trading in their mobile for.

Apple announced details of the iPad 2 – which will feature two cameras – on Wednesday (March 2nd), while there are rumours it might also unveil the third version this year.

Posted by Samantha Green

Written by Mazuma

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