Twitter brings Moments to Australia

Twitter started to roll out its new Moments feature to users across Australia today (March 2nd). 

This offers a new and more carefully curated means of discovering trending content, as well as making it easier to keep tabs on the latest breaking news developments and live sport. 

Discovery of information on Twitter previously relied on following the right people, or curiosity about what other users are talking about under the most common trending terms. 

This inevitably leads to people having to wade through lots content that is potentially irrelevant if they are trying to find out about a particular event or person. 

Moments differentiates itself from previous Twitter features in that it assembles a comparatively concise set of tweets, images and videos that have been carefully chosen to tell a particular story or narration of an event. 

The Moments tab is displayed as a lightning bolt icon, situated between the Home and Notifications buttons. This is consistent across the browser version of the website, as well as on the Android and iOS apps. 

After this the user can direct themselves to one of the various subcategories, such as Today, News, Sport, Entertainment and Fun. 

Global curation lead of Twitter Moments Andrew Fitzgerald said he thinks of Moments as a new form of mobile storytelling that can give Twitter the chance to really shine. 

Speaking to Mumbrella, he emphasised how this means of consuming content can be much more efficient for the user. 

“Moments is designed to bring you the best of Twitter in an instant. Twitter is already showing you what's happening right now, we want to help you connect to the best things that are happening right now even more quickly.”

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