The news there will be a common mobile phone charger that will work with the majority of brands and models is undoubtedly positive for consumers, says an expert.

Ian, author of the latest Nokia Conversations blog, explains there are three significant factors in favour of adopting a universal charger.

The first of these is simply the fact it makes life easier for all concerned, as people no longer need to purchase a charger each time they trade-in their mobile.

Secondly, it is a positive step in environmental terms, with Britons arguably less likely to throw away old leads, as they will almost certainly work with their new device.

And finally, Ian notes people will benefit from being able to sell their mobile phones without the relevant charger – something that is seen as difficult currently.

Specifications of a common power receiver were recently backed by a host of leading manufacturers, including Apple, Nokia and Samsung.

Posted by Samantha Green

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