US court rejects Samsung appeal on Galaxy Tab

A Federal Appeals Court in the US has rejected Samsung's request to lift the ban on sales of its Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet in the country.

The ban was initially imposed last month after Apple won a court case against the Korean company when District Judge Lucy Koh ruled the device had “slavishly copied” the iPad.

This ruling saw the tablet removed from shelves in the US, despite a Samsung securing a victory over Apple in the UK on the basis that their devices didn't look as “cool” as the American firm's.

In making this decision, the court had to assess whether the motion would be ultimately successful in the upcoming court case between the feuding companies.

“To prevail, a movant must demonstrate that it has a substantial case on the merits and that harm factors militate in its favour,” the court order read before denying Samsung's request to lift the injunction.

Posted by Simon Thomas

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