Vodafone problems could tempt Australians to sell mobiles

Australians could be tempted to cancel their contracts and sell mobiles thanks to problems experienced on the Vodafone network in 2010.

Sydney law firm Neville and Hourn is attempting to extract millions of dollars worth of damages from the mobile network operator for issues affecting calls and messages that happened last year.

However, Vodafone has claimed it will defend itself against the damages claims. The case relates to the loss of current and future earnings at BD Mobile, which was affected by call dropouts and reception problems.

BD Mobile director David Potter said that the company had been with Vodafone since 1997 and the partnership had damaged “[his] customers, [his] employees and [his] business”.

Recently, Telstra announced that it had seen a drop in customer complaints in recent times – suggesting that people may be tempted to sell mobiles and leave rival networks in favour of the operator.

In its 2011 report, the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman showed that Telstra saw a 3.2 per cent drop in complaints in 2010, while Vodafone saw a 222 per cent increase over the same period.

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