Vodafone to bring 4G to Australia

Bill Morrow, chief executive of mobile phone company Vodafone, has announced that customers will be able to receive the super-fast 4G network from June.

Staff from the firm are currently trialling the service to make sure there are no remaining problems when it arrives for customers.

Although the 4G launch is nearly two years after rival Telstra, Vodafone has said it will have the fastest network on the market because of its large spectrum holdings.

The company will target the five mainland cities as the first to receive the network. So if you live in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Darwin or Brisbane you're in luck, but it will surely branch out to other places.

It is expected that there will be no extra cost as it would make Vodafone the first company to charge a premium in the country if it did choose to.

Mr Morrow, who took up the firm's top position last year, did reiterate that the company has no intentions of lowering the price to appeal to a budget market.

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