What next for the Apple iPhone?

Six months after the release of the iPhone 7 technology experts are already discussing the release of the next updated model. 

According to rumours, the iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus will become commercially available in the autumn.  

The incremental upgrades on the standard models routinely make an appearance around twelve months after the initial product. The updates provided by the S devices are generally small. They often correct errors which have been discovered since the initial model's release. 

The more fundamental developments are reserved for the launch of a new device. While you might expect that the next major release from Apple will be the iPhone 8, some suggest that it could be dubbed the iPhone Edition. This would bring the product in line with the company's range of digital watches. 

According to reports, several ideas are being explored by the tech giant. Though no decisions have been made on which will be integrated into the new device. some of the more popular ideas Apple is currently testing include removing the home-screen button, having a curved screen and a transparent glass back.

The prospect of technology that enables you to take a 3D selfie is also generating a great deal of excitement in the tech community and would be a big leap forward – something which has been absent in recent new models. 

Some of the confirmed elements which will be appearing on the new iPhone 8/Edition include a wireless charging function, a 5-inch screen and a dual-lens camera. 

Some industry insiders have expressed concerns regarding the potential high-tech features. Battery life issues already plague many and the added facets such as a larger screen would only add to this problem. Price is also a grave concern, with worries that the devices will be highly unaffordable to many people. 

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