WhatsApp made available on Samsung and Nokia smartphones

Popular platform WhatsApp is already available across a breadth of smartphones and soon it will be available for full download for the first time on both Samsung and Nokia smartphones.

There have been a multitude of reports stating that although the WhatsApp application is available for some Samsung and Nokia devices, it will now update its features to provide a better service for users.

Users of WhatsApp who have a Nokia or Samsung phone will now be able to benefit from the application's voice calling feature that other users currently enjoy.

The update, known as 2.13.26 is supported across Windows, iOS, Android and Blackberry 10 and will be available on the Nokia Asha and Symbian 40 handsets.

If you own one of these models and want to benefit from the WhatsApp updates, then you'll need to uninstall your current version, open your browser and head to whatsapp.com/s40, according to NeuroGadget.

Before you can use the app to chat with your friends, you will also have to register your phone number during installation of the new WhatsApp version.

Using the new version of the application will mean a better service, but you will also be able to enjoy the improved physical appearance of the app.

Although the update includes use of the emojis that are found on Apple smartphones among others, those who have the Nokia Asha handset will not be able to use these as the model's keyboard is incompatible with this part of the update.

It hasn't been stated whether the WhatsApp emojis are intended for compatibility with Nokia handsets, but as they run on java it seems unlikely.

WhatsApp is currently free, but those who download the new version should expect to pay a small annual fee from next year to continue using the app.

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