Wireless mobile phone charging could become a reality

For as long as mobile phones have been around people have wanted to have the ability to charge their device wirelessly on the go and this could soon become a reality.

The WiTricity Corporation in Watertown, Massachusetts, has developed a novel technology to handle this sort of wireless energy transfer.

Chief executive officer of the firm Eric Giler told the Sydney Morning Herald that its systems will be available this year. They will not be sold directly to consumers but instead to different manufacturers who will embed the magnetic coils that allow charging into mobile phones, laptops and other products.

Alternative ways of charging mobile phones was discussed at the recent Mobile World Congress in Barcelona with Swedish group myFC introducing a water-powered charger that could be done on the move.

Mr Giler said WiTricity extends the range of induction, wirelessly charging objects that are three or four feet away and sometimes further from the primary source of electricity.

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