Would you switch phone for $1 million?

Most people are brand-loyal to some extent, but how much would it take for you to abandon your favourite phone? That's the question one company has been asking Australians, with some surprising results.

MyDiscountDeals.com conducted a survey of over 1,500 Australians between the ages of 18 and 74 about their phone preferences, particularly with the new iPhone X coming out. The results showed that it would take a lot to get many people to switch from Apple to Android, with one in five saying they wouldn't even make the change for $1 million.

Android users were equally keen to keep hold of their handsets, with one in five of them also saying they wouldn't switch for $1 million. However, most Aussies were more reasonable, with one-third said they would switch from iPhone to Android – or vice-versa – for a free phone.

However, there was still quite a lot of resistance to changing between smartphone providers. For example, nearly half of iPhone users said they wouldn't make the switch to Android for anything less than $500.

The younger generation in particular was attached to Apple, with a quarter of millennials saying they would gladly give up avocado on toast for two years in order to afford the new iPhone X. This was followed by giving up coffee for a year and giving up Netflix for 12.5 years as the most popular items to sacrifice for the handset.

Isabella Marco, marketing manager at MyDiscountDeals.com, said: “It’s clear that despite the stereotypes, millennials are giving up the luxuries to afford the major life expenses.

“As dedication to specific brands, such as Apple of Android, heighten over time, one of the biggest things to look out for is ensuring they don’t get taken advantage of or pay more than what their purchases are worth. Saving and spending wisely, and not just going along with the herd, will be a significant challenge for our next generations.”

Written by Mazuma

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