Xperia X launches in Australia

Sony has launched the Xperia X series and confirmed the pricing of the new range of smartphones in Australia. 

Leading the way is the Xperia X, which is already available for AUD$799 Sim-free from Sony stores, in addition to a range of contract options. 

The Xperia XA, a lower-tier option, will go on sale from Sony on July 7th for AUD$499. Finally, the top-of-the-range Xperia X Performance will be on offer in Sony stores for AUD$999 and will also be available from next month.

All models in the range feature a fresh new look for Sony, with the variety of options reflecting choice of technology and price points for customers. 

The Xperia X boasts a fast and intelligent camera, where the X Performance has more powerful features all-round at a premium rate. 

High-quality performance is also a feature of the Xperia XA, which is aimed partly at younger smartphone owners, with a low-light front-facing camera perfect for taking selfies. 

Some of the limitations of screen size are overcome in the X range, as Sony has carried out research into how people use the screens of their phones. 

The majority of the time people only want to use their handset with one hand – particularly when they are on the move. 

As such, all of the products have been tailored to fit comfortably in the palm – and the five-inch screen means everything can be accessed with one hand. 

Tsutomu Sato, director of product marketing at Sony Mobile Communications, said: “Smartphone users are demanding more from their smartphone cameras, faster speeds, less blur and better pictures in low-light are all areas in their requirement for improved technology. 

“So for the X series every detail of how we use smartphone cameras has been researched and refined to ensure that each stage of its use is executed in the fastest and most accurate way.”

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