Brisbane City Council improves e-waste recycling scheme

Residents in the Brisbane City Council area will be able to benefit from an improvement to e-waste recycling services.

Previously, people living in the region could only take unwanted electronic items to two locations, where they would be charged as usual for leaving waste.

However, as part of the government's National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme, householders will now be able to visit four disposal sites and leave these goods for recycling at no cost.

Environmentally-aware Aussies can visit specialised locations in areas like New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria too.

Users can leave behind television sets, monitors and computer-related products like keyboards and mice.

Recycling these electronics is not only diverting products from dwindling and expensive landfill space, it is also redirecting potentially harmful elements away from the environment.

Any valuable materials in the items can also be reused, to avoid unnecessary production and save money in numerous manufacturing processes.

Posted by Claire Marshall

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