The allure of free calls using VoIP technology could drive interest in mobile phone recycling.

According to communications provider Vopium, calls made using either the 3G network or Wi-Fi have climbed to more than 35 per cent from 19 per cent in the last 12 months.

Telecoms analyst Torben Rune of Netplan predicted that this will continue its dramatic rise as the smartphone market grows, saying: “We are experiencing a shift in mobile communication.”

He went on to note that the price difference between using this type of connection and international mobile roaming traffic is that significant many businesses are now opting for Wi-Fi.

Vopium's Tanveer Sharif made further comments, stating that users are now demanding a combined platform from which to make calls, chat and send messages.

It's possible this will tempt people to trade in their mobile for one of Britain's most popular handsets, the BlackBerry.

Analyst group GFK recently revealed that the brand sold more devices than any of its competitors in December.

Posted by Samantha Green

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