Cash for Containers scheme could see Aussies paid to recycle

Residents in Western Australia (WA) may soon receive payments for recycling waste, reports the Stirling Times.

The city of Stirling apparently supports the proposal for a Cash for Containers scheme, which would see Aussies rewarded for redirecting certain items from the general waste into the recycling bin.

The Mayor told the newspaper that this is an attempt to improve the state's recycling rate, which at 32 per cent is comparatively low.

People in other countries already benefit from schemes like this. In Germany, people with drinks bottles are able to receive up to €0.25 (AU$0.32) by returning the containers.

Aussies are already able to make money by recycling ink cartridges mobile phones, laptops and other electronics through certain companies.

By recycling plastic, paper, glass or Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), material is diverted from valuable landfill space.

Reusing products also saves energy as fewer new materials need to be manufactured. 

The introduction of an incentive in WA may mean that the environment will benefit, as well as the recyclers' wallets.

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