At some point in the future, British consumers will be able to trade-in their mobile phone and switch to a model that is powered by oxygen, in the view of one expert.

Ludwig Makhyan, founder of, believes batteries that are recharged by the element are almost certain to hit the market.

Although he warns it is unlikely to be within the next five years, the possibility may still be an exciting one to mobile fans across the country.

“This could be considered as a new advancement in the mobile phones market and at some stage may become a built-in device rather than a separate exchangeable one,” explains Mr Makhyan.

His comments follow a series of predictions made by IBM recently – one of which was that batteries in the future will last up to ten times longer than those currently used in the industry do.

It went on to forecast some may 'breathe' oxygen in order to power themselves, as opposed to consuming electricity.

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