An influx of Doctor Who fans seeking information regarding mobile phone recycling could soon be seen, given that a new official merchandise shop is opening that allows smartphone users to redeem coupons in-store.

A Wi-Fi service will permit people to download promotional barcodes to be swiped at the checkout, as well as revealing information exclusive to the Doctor Who Experience, to be opened by BBC Worldwide on February 20th.

Brandnew Corporation will be providing the Wi-Fi and managing director Alex Johns said the platform will “considerably enhance the immersive experience for all Doctor Who lovers”, which suggests Timelord enthusiasts without smartphones will be keen to sell used mobiles.

“Our retail offer makes it both easy and pleasurable to turn their excitement into tangible rewards,” he continued.

Facebook Deals – currently being rolled out in the UK – could yield similar results, as it offers social networkers money off in retail outlets such as Starbucks through their smartphones.

Posted by Claire Marshall

Written by Mazuma

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