Those looking for ways to save money amid the credit crunch should consider mobile phone recycling, a news website has suggested.

This is Somerset claimed that with mobile phone recycling “you not only make money, but help the environment, too” as it advised readers of the best ways to cut costs online this year.

Other tips included visiting coupon websites, price comparison portals and financial advice sites such as, which is run by consumer champion Martin Lewis.

That particular site offers a special guide to recycling mobile handsets, claiming that it is a “no hassle way to earn up to £150”. states that internet mobile phone recyclers “pay much more” than consumers can get by trading in their handsets at high-street retailers and says that the service offered is generally “super-speedy”.

To earn cash, people simply need to tell the recycler what type of phone they have. If they accept the amount of money offered, they will then receive a free-postage envelope to send their phone in and will be paid by cheque on arrival.

Written by Mazuma

Mazuma Mobile is Australia's most trusted mobile phone recycling service.

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