Old mobile phones should be recycled as they contain valuable raw material and minerals that are in short supply.

This is according to Sarah Ludford, Liberal Democrat Euro-MP for London, who made the observation in response to MEPs' decision in Brussels to approve new measures to support the recycling of electronic waste.

Currently, just one-third of this rubbish is being disposed of responsibly, with rogue traders dumping old TVs, household goods and computers on developing countries.

“Green-minded consumers deserve to know that when they pass their old gadgets in for recycling and disposal that they are not inadvertently contaminating vulnerable people,” Ms Ludford remarked.

She went on to state that she fully supports the reuse of electronics but added this cannot be employed as an excuse to pass on toxic waste to other nations.

Earlier this month, MEPs voted in favour of a policy calling on member states to collect 85 per cent of all e-waste produced from 2016.

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