Tesco Mobile’s promise to offer upgrades on all major networks within weeks may trigger a rise in the number of people who recycle their mobile phone.

According to uSwitch.com, one of the top three tips when splashing out on a latest model is to recycle any old handsets, as this is not only good for the environment but gives the user a cash boost.

Communications expert at the comparison site Ernest Doku says Tesco Mobile is following an “aggressive strategy” in a bid to become a “serious player”.

“It’s the nature of treating phones like any other commodity that Tesco trades in – low prices and utmost convenience,” he asserts.

However, those who do take up the company’s offer and upgrade their handset may be wise to follow uSwitch.com’s advice.

As well as recycling old mobiles, people should do their homework and assess deals from a number of providers before signing up to a contract.

Tesco Mobile is one of the firms, along with the likes of O2 and Orange, to stock the new iPhone 4, which could tempt many consumers.

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Posted by Paul Whalley

Written by Mazuma

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