Consumers who recycle used mobile phones are doing their bit for the environment but may not realise it is possible to achieve even more.

As well as disposing of a handset in the right way, it is important to snap up the greenest replacement on the market.

Carita, author of the latest Nokia Conversations blog, explained the Finnish brand takes significant steps to be eco-friendly.

“Nokia has always taken environmental issues seriously. We have introduced many eco-innovations, as well as other improvements, to promote change,” she stated.

The expert went on to note the firm targets low emissions, recycles materials and decreases the size of the packaging it sells mobiles in.

It is believed that these factors make it an attractive option to those looking for a new phone who believe in standing by the environment.

One possibility for such consumers is the Nokia E6, which was recently developed with users in mind, according to product manager Chris Probert.

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Written by Mazuma

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