Recycle my mobile: ecoATM pays for old phones

ecoATMs have been rolled out across the east coast of the United States to encourage people to recycle old mobile phones.

The machines allow users to deposit old handsets in exchange for cash.

Customers must visit a kiosk at one of 31 locations and place their unwanted device on the 'test station'.

The machine then scans the handset and determines the make, model and condition. This process reportedly only takes a few minutes.

By taking these factors into account and consulting a database of suggested market prices, the ecoATM makes the user an offer.

If the person chooses to accept, the mobile phone is deposited in the machine ready to be recycled and cash is dispensed.

The amount of money differs depending on how much the company expects components and materials to be worth.

Metals and plastics can be melted down and sold, or parts like memory cards can be recycled in other products.

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Recycle your old mobile phone to cash

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