Gamers who enjoy playing Angry Birds on their handsets may be tempted to trade in mobiles for cash so they can invest in consoles like the Wii and the 3DS, as the game will soon be available on these machines.

Rovio Mobile – which developed the successful series – announced via Twitter on Saturday (February 5th) that versions for the Nintendo platforms would be launched later on in the year, although this tweet has since been removed from its feed, Huliq reports.

Despite this, the company is still responding to queries from Angry Birds fans as to whether the 3DS port will be in 3D – Rovio confirmed that all three current versions of the games would be brought over to the Nintendo software, instead of designing unique levels for the specific systems.

Angry Birds is also available on Mac computers and people may consider trading in used mobile phones to invest in one of these PCs.

Posted by Simon Thomas

Written by Mazuma

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