Wipe your phone: Survey reveals personal data often left on recycled mobile

For those looking to recycle their mobile phone, and especially those looking to hand their phone down to a friend or family member, it would be wise to remember to wipe all the personal data from your handset first.

A recent survey from Optus shows that 45 per cent of all second-hand mobile phones contained personal data, left on by the previous owner.

This could be anything from photos, found on 28 per cent of second-hand phones, to text messages, left on 18 per cent of handsets.

15 per cent of second-hand phones still have the previous owners’ internet histories on, which could potentially be used to access social network logins or even online banking.

So before you recycle your old mobile phone, make sure to delete the data on it first. Luckily, Mazuma has a free Data Delete Tool that you can use to ensure that nobody sees your personal data but you.

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Written by Mazuma

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