Cash for your mobile: Using VoIP on mobiles saves money

VoIP could save mobile phone users money off their bills.

This technology uses an internet connection to place voice or video calls. Customers who have Wi-Fi access or a high data allowance on their mobile phone can benefit from utilising its cheaper services.

Those who pay for all of their data or who have a small allowance in their contract and cannot connect to Wi-Fi are unlikely to make savings with VoIP. This is because the data used per minute will cost more than a 60-second voice call.

PennyTel has an application which can be downloaded to certain handsets. This allows customers to make calls costing as low as 1c per minute. With Telstra currently charging up to 92c per minute for national voice calls, mobile phone owners could save a huge amount.

VoIP is an especially cheap option for those who make lots of interstate or international calls. Rates are low because both participants are using an internet connection.

Posted by Claire Marshall

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