Free mobile service coming to UK

Free mobile plans sound too good to be true, right? The stuff of dreams? Impossible?

Not only is this very real, it has been around for the last three years, although, up until now, only available in the US. However, it is to launch soon in the UK.

Users are able to access “basic levels of mobile service 100 per cent truly free”, thanks to the telecom company FreedomPop.

So what do you get for absolutely nothing? Not a bad deal is what. The offering includes 200 voice minutes, 200 text messages and 200 megabytes of data.

If you want anything more, you have to pay for it, although FreedomPop claims that its plans are priced well below the market.

It is simple to use, as everything is contained on a sim card – just slide it into your phone as normal, download the app and get connected.

At the forefront of the service is Stephen Stokols, former vice-president of strategy and business development at BT.

He told the Telegraph recently: “Basic users will have free access but those who want more will have to pay for the extra service.

“It’s like easyJet and Ryanair, which charges basic fees on seats but you pay for baggage and extras.”

We have to say it is an impressive scheme and while the basic package is just that – a base level offering.

While it is certainly better than nothing – and is totally free – it will perhaps not meet the needs of most people with a smartphone.

For one, data usage has increased massively over the last few years – 200 megabytes will not go very far.

Still, all that said, it’s certainly special and, in comparison to other providers, inimitable. Most people will have something to gain from this.

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