How to avoid bill shock with 4G mobile phones

Mobile phone users should be cautious of data usage on new 4G networks, the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) warns.

Smartphones like the Apple iPhone 5, HTC One XL and Samsung Galaxy S3 support Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology. This allows owners to utilise the new high-speed 4G networks.

Users of LTE mobile phones may not realise how much data they are consuming because 4G is twice as fast as what most people are used to, so ACMA released an infographic explaining how they can save money by managing their usage.

The organisation advises customers to download network applications which monitor data expenditure. People should also know what they are charged per megabyte.

Connecting to Wi-Fi wherever possible means that browsing the internet, downloading apps or streaming video is free.

Roaming can be one of the most expensive, data-consuming services. Turning this off when abroad will help avoid bill-shock on the return home.

Using mobile websites, disabling location services and manually downloading emails will also restrict data consumption.

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