Consumers looking to sell mobilephones for an Android-powered smartphone now have another low-cost choice, it has been advised.

In an article for Cnet this week, Flora Graham looks at one of the newest devices to appear on the market to not only boast the Google software, but also come with an affordable price tag.

She explained the HTC Tattoo is missing a number of the whistles and bells that those recycling mobile phones might find elsewhere on gadgets like the Hero, but overall the handset has some interesting attributes.

Ms Graham said the model can be picked up free on certain £25 monthly tariffs and is available without a sim card for around £290.

Social networking fans my welcome the inclusion of fast access to some of their favourite sites and pre-installed items like Google Maps and an application for YouTube were praised.

“We also love the way Sense grabs our Facebook and Gmail contacts and merges them together into our address book, so we can see the smiling profile pics of our chums on our phone,” the writer added.

She concluded by saying the Tattoo might be a better option than others in its range – like the Samsung Tocco Lite.

The HTC model is available on Vodafone in the UK.

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