Mobile phone owners should take advantage of new unit pricing

Regulations which mean that mobile phone plan providers must supply unit pricing under the Telecommunications Consumer Protections (TCP) Code came into force on October 27th, and handset users across Australia could save money by taking advantage.

As of Saturday, text advertising for phone contracts must include prices for 1 MB of data, one SMS or text message, and a two-minute call.

The new guidelines will allow customers to more easily compare contract costs.

A publication from the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman shows that the number of complaints about mobile phones increased by nine per cent in 2011-12 compared to the previous year.

It is therefore vital that consumers protect themselves and ensure they do not have any issues with their provider.

A gadget lover looking to change their old mobile phone should think about their current usage and compare the prices offered.

Those who consistently go over their included data should therefore look at a plan with a larger allowance, or see which companies offer the lowest prices per MB.

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