Those recycling mobile phones to purchase a simple but effective business handset may welcome the arrival of the Nokia E52, one expert has claimed.

In a piece for Trusted Reviews this week, Niall Magennis put the device to the test and noted that although it is often the N-series models that get all the attention, handsets like this prove there is more to the Finnish manufacturer.

He explained buyers should not expect the E52 to break any new ground and, in fact, said the model is in general a “pretty standard candy bar” gadget.

However, Mr Magennis said business users may like the combination of simplicity with extra email and document support – resulting in a handset that is “a smartphone for those people who don’t really want a smartphone”.

“The fact that it does this while still offering great battery life and brilliant call quality is just a bonus,” he concluded.

Nokia’s E52 was announced in May this year, carrying a new user interface for email accounts and a 3.2-megapixel camera.

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